The Neuchâtel Food-Environment-Agriculture Interview Series 1: Prof Michael Carolan

The Neuchâtel Food-Environment-Agriculture Interview Series with stellar scholars from around the Globe brings insights into the diversity and complexity of societal issues concerning our intricate yet often problematic relations with food.

The Series addresses a wide spectrum of audiences, ranging from students and policy makers to food activists and everyday eaters, in an attempt to rekindle attention to the myriad ways in which food permeates our daily lives and how, in turn, they are deeply entangled to institutional governance mechanisms in place.

The Series encourages its listeners to move beyond the “doom and gloom” of current ills of food systems and thus grasp and embrace those paths, processes, and practices that take us into viable near futures.

So, if you ever wondered how interests in food, agriculture and the environment are born, then watch this series of interviews! And you will find out much more, namely, not only how interests emerge, but how they keep driving personal and scholarly inquisitive and critical research in the complexities of our food worlds. And if you think this series is only about past and current developments in scholars’ personal and academic lives, you are wrong. Listen to find insights into where our food systems are heading and into the sustainable avenues we may decide to take.

And whom better to start off with than Prof Michael Carolan from Colorado State University: watch the interview here


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