Dana Bentia

Dana has joined the team in June 2016 as a post-doc researcher. Her project explores the intricate processes of re-ordering the soybean value chain in Europe through initiatives that aim to, on the one hand, scale down Global soy and, on the other hand, scale up the sustainability of soy production, circulation, and consumption in Europe. She investigates the nature of such socio-technical-material transition towards sustainable soy by following the formation of transnational flows of knowledge, networks, and food in conjunction with the creation of certification schemes, regulations, and policies. She pursues a multi-sited empirical research around ‘soy-hubs’ in Austria, Romania and Switzerland.

Her research is rooted in anthropology and sociology. She completed her doctoral research at Lancaster University, UK, where she delved into the complex relationships between taste formation and food activism within the Slow Food Movement in Britain and Italy. For her MA at Heidelberg University, DE, she explored the ‘social biography’ of foods, and the dynamics of meaning making and identity politics at the junction of human-environmental relationships through the lens of asparagus production and consumption practices in Southwestern Germany.