Jérémie Forney

jeremie-tomtit-recadJérémie is assistant Professor at the Anthropology Institute at the University of Neuchâtel and leader of the AEG project. How we build our relation to food and agriculture through policies, market strategies, consumption, activism is what really interest him. Jérémie has studied for many years  how farming populations, notably in Switzerland and New Zealand, engage with the challenges of the current time: market deregulation, environmental issues, resource management. His previous work on farmers adaptation to political and economic changes has inspired this current project on AEG. The discussion he started (together with Paul Stock and other colleagues) on autonomy as a tool of adaptation and transformation  are developed at the scale of AEG assemblages that encompass multiple actors, from the public and private, political and economic spheres, both human and non-human.


Selected publications

2016 “Enacting Swiss cheese: about the multiple ontologies of local food”, in R.Le Heron, H.Campbell, N.Lewis & M. Carolan (eds), Biological Economies: Experimentation and the politics of agrifood frontiers, Routledge, pp. 67-81

2014 (with Paul Stock), “Farmer Autonomy and the Farming Self”, Journal of Rural Studies 36: 160-171.

2014 (with Paul Stock) “Family Farms’ Conversions and Resilience in Southland”, New Zealand, International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food, 21(1): 7-29.

2013. “Social sciences and farmers in Switzerland: the story of a strange absence”, Geography Compass 7(12): 843-852.

2012 Eleveurs laitiers: peuvent-ils survivre. Coll. Le Savoir Suisse, Lausanne : PPUR. 128 p.

Full CV and publication list: Anthropology institute website